Sunday, July 1, 2007

my world,my family just got expanded..

I am sitting at my home here in Ohio telling you about my life today. My world is a big one, I was born as I was raised in the
tropics of the Philippines but
now face the daily weather change of the midwest U.S. I am a woman of many words, speaking both major Filipino dialects
(Tagalog and Bisaya) along with
impeccable english and a hint of Japanese,Maybe tomorrow I will learn some Russian, Arabic, or Swahili.No not really, I am actually a well
grounded humble Christian woman who loves to live my faith following Christ.I thank Him alone, my Creator,for all my talents
including my linguistics
skills. I am very much a happily married woman, and for the most part I delight in my new life here in America along with my
handsome young husband
I have dabbled in the personal blogosphere in the past, but now I am extremely excited to make a daily home on this blog of
mine. I want to put
a little bit of everything here, my thoughts, my experiences, and maybe even some great advice about being a Filipina-
American, and what life is like for me
facing this American experience which is sooo far from my home.However, Ohio is truly my second home, I realize something
new everyday.My first day in
America I realized what it feels like to start to freeze. When I stepped off that international flight in Detroit in early February it was
co0-ld yet I
loved it, I love the adventure my life has become. Marriage too is quite the adventure. I am a tender spirit yet at the same time I am a
survivor, my name is
Michelle Brooks and this is my blog.