Monday, October 19, 2009

looking for cheap insurance?

OH how i wish i have the money to spend something and that something would be for my hubby..He is very simple laidback kind of a guy and he is very responsible. Did you know that he purchase his own car with his own money when he was 16 years old? he bought a 1991 honda and until now he still drives it..(carrrrzzzzzyyyyy) we always joke around that his car is actually old enough to
Thank God it is honda it last for a long time, a reliable card indeed, but it doenst end with just a reliable car you should have a reliable insurance, If you are looking for a cheap car insurance why not try

CONGRATS to the newlywed

we had a busy situation here in the family for the last couple of weeks...

my sis inlaw who recently got engaged wanted to have a wedding this month and it did happen..but take note it took the couple 2 weeks to pick a date for their wedding and they decide to get married in 5 weeks..crazy but GOD orchestrated everything...had an awesome time with families and friends and the two is just a testimony of how GOD loves us...they are beaming with love for each other the bride is soo radiant..

we would like to congratulate you Mr. Ryan Christopher and Allison Anne Riggs...

we love you and soo glad to be a part of your journey together...

the bride to be and and the groom to be at the reception
(reception first before the wedding)

taking advantage of the arch and the great scenery at the brookse's pond
the bride and the groom with grandpa marrying them
horse & carriage for the bride and groom

with sis inlaw meredith and kyle her hubby at the reception

T'WAS a nice day indeed...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

why dont you try it?

hey hey i wanna tell you something if you are into video courses and do it in the comfort of your own home why not try;
heres what ive found,

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Paid..

i just signed up and im hoping ill get approve so i can start advertising and make money just by writing my opinions on certain hoping payperpost will approve my blog..

hooray for the pending registration...


Yesterdays message at church was a great one, it stirs up the hunger inside of me,
3 questions that i need to answer seriously:
and maybe you can ask yourself too

1. What will it take to really satisfy me?
2.How am i going to treat others?
3.who do you want to please in this life?

I do admit that the answers to this questions sometimes does not inline with what GOD wants. thats why it is soo powerful and it struck me.
I need to examine my heart and realign my priorities.
I wanna be the person whom GOD is greatly delighted.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This fall Michelle and I are enjoying our weekend work at the PERSIAN NIGHTS corn maze at LYND'S FRUIT FARM near Pataskala. I am throwing myself into a different kind of engineer work; not civil, but barrel trains. The kiddies love it and after a six hour shift of yelling "All aboard!" and making dozens if steam-whistle sounds I am always ready to come home and watch football. I pull twelve cars made out of old 55-gallon drum plastic barrels with a mini-tractor. Grandpa Brooks built the train and no one has really ever seen anything like it. The kids love it. And on football Saturdays to entertain the parents one of my tricks is to drive the train into a tight circle and shout "O-H". Michelle is hanging on as a cashier, it gets a little crazy sometimes when we get a rush of people, but experience working at a OSU Bookstore during the first week of classes has prepared her well. If you live in the Central Ohio area you should really investigate coming out to LYND's for a fall weekend day, it is quite a memorable country experience not too far from Columbus.

= JJB =

Friday, October 9, 2009

ill try hard this time

geez...its been way too long...i wanna be able to keep up with everyone..seems like everyone is having lots of fun blogging but me? duh such a slacker...been very busy with virtual to fb eh..esp. farmville, well it is indeed very i was talking to my friend i actually said that if only farmville will pay us then i will be farming 24/7...but i dont think they will..then perhaps i should continue writing on my blogs since my account in smorty,blogverstise got suspended i need to make money..yes i mean real M O N E Y.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


It has been a crazy week for us.....worked alot of hours at the bookstore since classes just started..oh geez people are rude and nasty but i am soo blessed to be surrounded with very great christian people in my workplace..praise JESUS... i loved my work and i loved my co workers and managers they have been such a great blessing in my life....
oh by the way im soo glad that my family back home is not affected by that nasty typhoon that hit manila area..i pray blessings for people who lost their loved ones and hoping they will find rest and find peace in GOD'S omnipresence...

its thursday and its we are going to tumbleweed thirsty thursday....
chao and be blessed

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FOR a change

I haven't been much in my computer for several weeks,its been crazy busy, from church activities,to family affairs to soul searching..ask why? i have been soo sad with my walk with our Lord Jesus Christ, I haven't reading much and soaking myself with GOD's omnipresence, just keep stalling around and been soo stagnant deep inside, i need some holy spirit filling or else i'll be spiritually dead and i dont want that to happen.Been feeling pretty damn stupid trying to force myself to get in tune with GOD,but alot of disturbances deep down inside that a stupid ME allowed to manipulate ME again..Trying to get some solutions from pretty substandard resources (you know what im sayin?) let me point it out, been soo much busy with my laptop,trying to watch too much TV and hey ive been into gluttony lately..which is a pretty BIG sin..i let those things that i mentioned consumed me.and you know what its pretty darn good but its not fulfilling.
Now i came to realized that those are the things that stop me from being more intimate with my LORD and SAVIOUR.
I came to realized that i settle for lesser things, things that the world offered which i know its very tempting to give in..(ive been there) those are the things that stop me from looking at the bigger picture.those silly substitutes makes me realized that only GOD can fill those holes in our lives, we are designed to have holes that everytime we leaks we need some filling from our GOD. but? we always look for some substitutes that never really satisfy us?
I pointed out some of the substitutes that i thought would fill me but it didn't...
what about you my friend?
what are those substitutes that you've been trying to patch those leaking holes in your lives?
to read more about this entry follow me on my new site and please add my new site in your list..this will be my last and permanent site..thanks

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


like ive mention before, the marriage retreat is very sucessful one PRAISE GOD, it has been a great experience for everyone and specially for us, arrived there in quality inn in belville ohio around 4, stayed in room 210 to be exact, the marriage retreat is such a nice way to meet some married couples and build some relationship with them, things that really stands out in me in the retreat is, the atmosphere is great, the retreat is very laid back, and this is not the kind of retreat that teaches people how to be a great husband and how to be a great wife in step by step procedure,(and kinda nudge your wife or husband that did you get it?did you get no.1?2?3?) coz in reality we can't be perfect) its about knowing who really GOD is and how GOD design marriage.
Now i want to give an illustration,marriage is like a triangle, GOD is on top and husband and wife is on the other side, the more we walk closer to GOD the more we get close to each other, the more we walk away from GOD the more we get too far apart.