Wednesday, February 25, 2009


like ive mention before, the marriage retreat is very sucessful one PRAISE GOD, it has been a great experience for everyone and specially for us, arrived there in quality inn in belville ohio around 4, stayed in room 210 to be exact, the marriage retreat is such a nice way to meet some married couples and build some relationship with them, things that really stands out in me in the retreat is, the atmosphere is great, the retreat is very laid back, and this is not the kind of retreat that teaches people how to be a great husband and how to be a great wife in step by step procedure,(and kinda nudge your wife or husband that did you get it?did you get no.1?2?3?) coz in reality we can't be perfect) its about knowing who really GOD is and how GOD design marriage.
Now i want to give an illustration,marriage is like a triangle, GOD is on top and husband and wife is on the other side, the more we walk closer to GOD the more we get close to each other, the more we walk away from GOD the more we get too far apart.