Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FOR a change

I haven't been much in my computer for several weeks,its been crazy busy, from church activities,to family affairs to soul searching..ask why? i have been soo sad with my walk with our Lord Jesus Christ, I haven't reading much and soaking myself with GOD's omnipresence, just keep stalling around and been soo stagnant deep inside, i need some holy spirit filling or else i'll be spiritually dead and i dont want that to happen.Been feeling pretty damn stupid trying to force myself to get in tune with GOD,but alot of disturbances deep down inside that a stupid ME allowed to manipulate ME again..Trying to get some solutions from pretty substandard resources (you know what im sayin?) let me point it out, been soo much busy with my laptop,trying to watch too much TV and hey ive been into gluttony lately..which is a pretty BIG sin..i let those things that i mentioned consumed me.and you know what its pretty darn good but its not fulfilling.
Now i came to realized that those are the things that stop me from being more intimate with my LORD and SAVIOUR.
I came to realized that i settle for lesser things, things that the world offered which i know its very tempting to give in..(ive been there) those are the things that stop me from looking at the bigger picture.those silly substitutes makes me realized that only GOD can fill those holes in our lives, we are designed to have holes that everytime we leaks we need some filling from our GOD. but? we always look for some substitutes that never really satisfy us?
I pointed out some of the substitutes that i thought would fill me but it didn't...
what about you my friend?
what are those substitutes that you've been trying to patch those leaking holes in your lives?
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