Saturday, November 10, 2007

its mah bday

My phone rang around 5:15am,sleepy head still that time. i grabbed my phone but then i missed the call,(bummer) with hubby’s cozy hug he (wishper) whisper into my ear happy birthday and i love you baby, after 2 minutes my phone ring again, its my family from the Philippines they wanted to let me know that im dearly loved and cherished and to tell me happy birthday ging (of course) they celebrated my birthday in the island with some ice cream and Filipino foods ( ummm yummmy )they sang a song for me in the phone, oh how i miss them.well on the other hand, im very happy to know that my aunt is getting married too, they too had the engagement party on my birthday. Double celebration indeed,well, im looking for a wonderful day today, im 22..yeah,

Thank you GOD for allowing me to live in your love and grace.

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