Friday, January 8, 2010

I dunno Boy

I stumble upon one of the poems that i wrote while im still dating hubby.
might as well share it with you friends
I dunno boy
Ive been thinking about you
since the day we meet
i dunno what it meant but i do like it

as i watch you drinking your coffee
i dunno how come, i just loved looking at it
wishing i could take just a bit of a sip

As we travel along the way
motorbikes coming along the highway
ready to take us in our ministry
i dunno whats in you,thats urge me to switch seats
with the person next to you

when everning approaches,
makes me soo excited,not with the dinner serve,food to eat,
i dunno even if im hungry,seeing your face
makes me forget to eat.

@ islareta beach resort, philippines
dining hall

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