Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a boring day

i woke up feeling grumpy...(not good)
have to go to an Otolaryngology for them to check up my throat, its been like 4 weeks, since i had this sore in my throat, i hate it, I've been to my doctor thrice, they couldn't figure out whats wrong with my throat thats why they have set up an appoinment for me to an ENT especialist,for them to ultrasound my throat. OH NO!...somethings really wrong..huhuhuhuSo have to wake up early today, but since im feeling grumpy and i dont want to go there by myself, feeling nervous of what will be the outcome of the test, but i already set up my mind if my husband can't take me there, i will cancel my appointment, i know its ridiculous but i prefer to have him by my side, since i feel safe when his with me, but he has to go to work and we thought that he can come home early for the appointment but OH BOY, its turns out he can't take me,My inlaws offer to give me a ride, but i prefer to have my husband on my side, so, i called the office and cancelled my appointment....

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