Thursday, December 13, 2007

GOD revealed himself to us..

Yesterday was a spectacular day even if it started with just a little bit crotchetiness,
i woke up expecting to have the whole day with pure fun with hubby, but end up being cranky because of his relaxation time, i mean his relaxation time is playing football with his brother that turns out a 2 and half hour session, then when he called me saying im done, ill be home in a minute, My response is,
yeah, you should be done now, it took you 2 and half hours, i timed you Mr. Brooks!

But, still came home happy giving me a smile that just take my crankiness away..whew, and now we have to plan our day together, we actually agreed that maybe we could go christmas shopping for the family, but just before we left the house he ruined my shopping mood already, simply by telling me, i dont wanna do something today, im not in a shopping mood, but then he take it back by simply saying, but ill be your driver, we went to get some gift cards from texas road house and eat some burito at chipotle and got some giftcards too for our g-pa & g-ma its the time of the year that they got to try something new.

We rushed to shop something for the birthday girl jessica at kohls, but have to call jenny for the size, its a funny convos with jenny, hearing myself say something funny..hahaha, but thanks that my mouth slips that time, coz im actually in a bad mood already, since i saw hubby sitting in the corner, imagine in the floor near the wall, and i said, stand up, your embarassing,
and he said,
i told you im not in a shopping mood im tired ( usually he likes to shop thats why i was pissed off)i understand though..he worked very hard but still...arrgggh..

so i told him to wait for me in the car and he did,but im feeling sorry for what i did to him and so i end up my shopping thing. on our way to the parking lot, an old lady ask jacob to help her loading her vacuum cleaner on the trunk and so hubby said YES with a smile, so i smile and said, im blessed to have husband like that...
inside the car,no one said a word, until he told me he lost his wedding band...and im like what? oh oh noooo...but he was hoping its in the house, but, i told him i actually ask you before we leave the house if you have your wedding band with you and you said yeah right? but were still hoping its in the house.

As soon as we arrived the house, we keep on looking but we cant find it, so we called kohls and ask them to lool for the wedding band, but still we wanna make sure, so after we called we went there again, on our way there, hubby joked around and said, "we really like kohls hah" we've been here twice today, (laughing is a good remedy)

We tried our very best to search it at parking lot, we dont get a luck, we were thinking maybe its on the lady's trunk, so we headed to the costumers service at kohls to tell them that we called a while ago for the lost wedding band, and tell them about helping one of the costumer here who bought a hover vacuum cleaner around 4pm, hoping if its her trunk she might call kohls and look for us. still got no luck,

On our way home, hubby said, no one will know that i lost my wedding band ok, even the family, then i said ok, we went home feeling bad, hubby said we have to go mom and dad's for us to decorate the 12 feet tall christmas tree, they have a tradition in their family, each of them has their own ornaments from the time that they were 1 year old, so each year they have one ornament, hubby is 26 already so he has 26 ornaments and mom got us two penguins sitting in a wedding band ( pic's later ) kinda cool huh! just lost a wedding band, but the family doen'st even know about we had fun, despite losing the wedding band..huhuhuhu, we came home around 10:30 and went to bed around 10:40,just before going to bed its our thing together to pray before GOD,
hubby's prayer went something like this!( as far as i can remember),
we thank you for a very good family that im a part of and now michelle can be a part of it, and thank you for a very good wife, help us to be aware ( prayer continues, cant remember it all ) and GOD help us to find the wedding band, whoever got the wedding band, we hoped and pray that they are honest and trustworthy people AMEN,

Just a split of seconds our phone ring around 10:56pm,we dont even recognize the number we dont have it on our buddy list, but i have that thing going on in my mind, that maybe its the answer of what weve prayed for, on the other line is a lady and she said, is this jacob brooks? and hubby said yes, the lady said we just found your ring and oh my gosh i cant help myself but just shout YES thank you GOD,and we just got soo excited and take our sleepyness away. we just witnessed how powerful the GOD whom we served, hubby said, we need to PRAY, and i prayed and just tahnk GOD for the prayers that he just answered, it is really wonderful...we are in awe of his majesty..

we called kohls again to find out if they were open till midnight, we cant wait to get the ring back, we drove down there again to get the ring and hoping to get the story where did they found the ring, we went to the jewelry section and ask for the ring and ask who found it,
the lady said,
i just got it from the costumer service department, it was taped up there, so i assumed that it was yours, here's your ring

we were like, oh my gosh its purely a GOD questioned ask, but we just thank GOD for giving us back the ring...
its time to celebrate so we had milkshake and burger at steak N shake...

who said GOD doen'st answer's prayers? he answered OUR's

pretty amazing story to tell people
now we dont have to hide that we lost the ring, we want to give GOD the glory,
so we need to tell the story

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