Sunday, December 23, 2007

a long fun day..

Yesterday was a real good day, we actually woke up late but then decided to take a walk together since the weather outside was real nice, we took a walk to the farm and just praising GOD for the beauty of his creation.went back home and decided to visit the family since the cousins are there to spend thier holidays with our family.We decided to play "RISK" (just click the link if your curious what the game is) since im new to this game, have to observe first and know how to play it an hubby said, im gonna be his "roller", we got a lot of luck since i am the one who roll the dice ( i tell yah it was alot of fun), since im good at it, jacobs brother ask if i could roll the dice for him but hubby jokingly told him "you should get a wife then! " we started the game around 1:30 and finish it around 5:30 pretty long huh but not boring, its fun to fight,conquer and capture some territories from other players.
and the result? we aimed for 1st place but we ended up 2nd place.
not to shabby at all.

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