Tuesday, October 23, 2007

give yourself a break...

well,since ive been in my four walls in my house for like 6 months just sitting pretty,doing nothing,im kinda bored..well let me just say im super bored im not used to just sit around and doing nothing,i think i need a break..really i need a break...my body and soul needs to unwine and my eyes need to see something beautiful,like literally a beautiful scenery,ive been thinking about the trevi fountain, duomo,coliseum and stay in one of the hotels in italy,or come down to pathenon, vatican, sistine chaple and relax in one of the hotels in rome too and wait never to forget the canals, palazzo grassi, the Fenice and soak myself in a bubble bath in one of the hotels in venice,sounds really awesome,maybe i should start saving money now to
make my dreams a reality so venice,rome and italy get ready for me.
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