Saturday, October 27, 2007

truly scrumptious

well, this morning hubby spend time with me,yehey,he doenst want to work...well we better spend the day together wisely, we are pretty much busy thinking about the birthday costume party for my sis inlaw this sunday so we really need to buy the costume before sunday comes,we are doing musical costume party since my sis inlaw loves musical movies, my hubby and i wants to mimic the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, i personaly fell inlove with this movie, Moms out there i highly recommend this movie for your kids , hubby will portray Caractacus Potts ( van dyke )and me is Truly Scrumptious, ( sally anne howes ), im excited for the party and im excited for my own birthday party this nov. 10, it would be soo much fun.
counting for the days of pure fun.....

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