Saturday, October 27, 2007

it happened tuesdy (oct.23 2007)

MY DAY is craziness
I woke up when hubby went for work,and went back to bed again,and woke up again after an hour coz hubby came back from work and decided not to work today since its raining soo hard,so its a happy day in our household,but, sitting here checking my blog makes me soo frustrated,since i dont know how to put that disclosure policy badge thing,soo glad that i talked to the queen of blogging jenny r...well,i did it..thanks J,well after that i have to edit my past post about back when i was young photos since it takes a lot of space in my blog,had to edit again having a hard time to put them in line..huh..while hubby is fighting against his football team on his ps2,hes saying some random words like c'mmon baby. and i thought h was talking, while me being frustrated wt this blog thingy keep on saying words like, c'mon,hmm i dont have time for this,i dont know,ad e thought i was talkig to him too... well try to picture everything in your mind gurls, we thought that we are talking to each others and say random words to each other..but were just talking to ourselves..whahahahaha..its freaking craziness in the house...

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