Tuesday, October 2, 2007

icy fruity me

well,..well...how do i start telling you about my day, of course i have to tell you i believe what time i woke up today,i woke up around 5:30 since hubby's alarm wont stop beeping, well honestly i don't wanna get out from the covers of our warm water bed, but i have to wake myself up..i don't wanna be a sluggard, just sleeping and sleeping to a point that i'm not eating at all...because i slept..

well as usual, send off hubby to work with a kiss and some words that he loved to hear every now and then, i trust you, i believe in you, you are awesome, and i love you, after that, sit down and start my day with my laptop,check emails @ gmail...facebook,frientdster and etc...just before i type this, you will find it ridiculous but hey girls, if your wondrin whats my b-fast its actually a left over fruit salad...hmm i know what your thinking, its yummy but im a little bit funny weirdo huh, icy cold fruit salad for b-fast...

naaah..its not good for your health michelle, but i find my delight in this craving of fruit salad this morning so i must say its good for me...well...you can call me weirdo for now..but do you think if im a weirdo i can type this words here with sense, well..i know you love reading it, so am i, of course i love my own writing..whohoaoaoao..

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  1. thats awesome! we eat either salads or fruit salad for breakfast too! makes you feel awesome! I remember the days I used to eat 20 egg whites and hash browns crazy!