Thursday, January 10, 2008


Pinoys and Americans

Lets take a look not just look but read....
Filipinos don't pay a whole chunk of taxes.
Foreigners spend their lives trying to become rich enough so that they can avoid taxes.
Filipinos don't spend megabucks on heating oil.
Most foreigners do. And those same bucks have already been slashed by having the income tax deducted, so you could say that foreigners are paying the government for the pleasure of giving money to oil companies.
Filipinos are almost always smiling.
Foreigners only smile when they are happy.This gives the conclusion that Filipinos must always be happy.
All Filipinos, just about, have equal opportunity in swaying officialdom onto their side.Foreigners are in a system where only the 'in-crowd' can change official decisions.
Filipinos have white sand beaches.
Canadian foreigners have tar-sand beaches that give out oil! And even those will probably be annexed by Bush and his American Union at some point.
Filipinos have a trust that all will be well.
Foreigners are told by the TV news that everything wasn't well today, or any day.
Filipinos don't have to shovel snow.
Canadian and northern US foreigners have to shovel snow, even, in some cities, the snow that is not on their land, but on the sidewalk in front. Oh, well, it saves on taxes.
Filipinos can buy rum for about $1.25 a bottle.
Foreigners pay about $40 for a bottle.
Filipinos don't need cars, they have public transport.
Foreigners, at least outside of cities, need cars, therefore need car license stickers, insurance, and at least $40 per hour for repair money.
I suspect that life in Philippines is not too bad, provided there are a few bucks in the bank.However, there are some snags:
Filipinos eat fish with heads on.
Foreigners likes food that does not look back at him.
Filipinos cook fish by burning it.
Foreigner does not like the smell of burning fish.
Filipinos blank blank blank with water.
Foreigners needs a good supply of toilet paper.
what do you think? its mostly true,
but above all we are created by our LORD JESUS CHRIST uniquely.
be thankful and look outside the box


  1. yep! mostly true! i maybe an american citizen na but i'm always pinay at heart,nacks! btw, i got u tagged again!

  2. Sis, sure let us exchange links. Na linked na kita, pls don't forget to link me too ha. Ok, take care.