Friday, January 18, 2008

whats your favorite lovesong?

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Here are the rules :
1. Please write your favorite love song, and what's the story behind it?
2. Please include your name and your URL blog.
3. Share this tag to your friends as much as you can.
4. Copy from "Start Copy" until "End Copy"

I loved the song YOU AND ME, know why? its our lovesong together...its the first song that hubby sang when he asked me to be his girl.

I loved the song SHOWER ME WITH YOUR LOVE, its the song that i sang ath the wedding reception. actually the original plan was, that im gonna sing that song while walking in the aisle but i was too nervous, imagine i forgot my bouquet, singing a song would be a great disaster so i ended up singing it at the wedding reception, the crowd too joined me while i serenade my hubby...

now lets see whats your favorite songs guys TAGGING jlou, shalue, annie,garf, and nova

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