Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i love it or i hate it

I love this Tag jen

1. I love to eat: chocolates...

2. I hate to eat: nothing not "personikiddy" thats what DAD calls someone who is a picker...guess what im not

3. I love to go: to Japan to be a missionary

4. I hate to go: to the dentist! lol.just went there today..not to bad though,my gums are bleeding, have to be back there tuesday again.

5. I love it when: hubby doen'st have to go to work but still earning

6. I hate it when: at night hubby impersonate gollum from lord of the rings, (it scares me to death)

7. I love to see: people who got engaged or getting married

8. I hate to see: nasty and rude people and vile scences and billboards that promotes sexual contents

9. I love to hear: hubbys random words, sometimes its in bisaya..

10. I hate to hear: people who pretends to be somebody else, people who are self righteous, everybody got flaws,

Im tagging everyone on my list...

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