Tuesday, January 22, 2008

value time on valentines

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. I arrived in America from the Philippines last February 3rd in 2007. So Valentine's Day was the first holiday I experienced in America, so its a special holiday for me and my hubby. This year we are planning on going on a marriage retreat with our church over that holiday weekend. A time to gain tools to strengthen our already happy marriage. Last year I had just arrived to the U.S. and didn't have any of my own money to buy my hubby a gift for Valentine's, which he always calls Valentime's for some reason, and I have to correct him. But this year I have a few bucks and hubby really needs some new clothes. Obviously I'm online a lot so something like online shopping coupons are a simple way for me to get hubby some new style in his life. Personally, we like the deals at Aeropostale and Old Navy, we always seem to find good things on their 70% off racks both online and in the store. I just bought a new pair of jeans for hubby yesterday in fact. He chooses my style and I choose his, being each others fashion experts just seems to work for us and its fun. We are excited for Valentine's Day this year.


  1. Do they have any coupons for chicken rodeo pants??

    Hi from Speedy!!

  2. I've always liked the deals at Aeropostale and Old Navy too, and clearance racks have become my best friend, especially the day after Valentine's (stock up for next year!). It's hard to find things that are unique and personal. One of the coolest things this year, in my opinion, is the ability to personalize the sayings on the wrappers of the My Dove chocolates. They also have a great contest called "Expressions of Love" that put you in to win a 5.58cts "Baby's Breath Diamond Necklace" valued at over 21k. So not only do you get to show off how you treat your honey, you also get to win something nice for yourself (and express yourself in the chocolate wrappers--how cool is that?) Check it out @ http://www.mydovechocolate.com These are great ideas for Valentine's Day...I know, 'cause I work with them and have the inside scoop!