Sunday, January 13, 2008

are you one of us?

are you one those many people who loves the outdoors? if you ask me? i am one of them and i loved it, considering the fact that i grew up in island where technology is not much of in need, we cooked foods either by frying it, or grilling it and take not we lived near the ocean soo what you expect we get fresh fish all the time, but since i moved here in the u.s.a i can't do that thing anymore, i mean getting fresh fish from the market and take note i can't grilled it on the ground either using the old fashion way, its too much work to do,
Oh how i missed those days,but theres nothing to worry about, even its chilly outside, i can still grill or smoke my fish or meat inside, using my brinkmann grill its kinda cool to think that can easily used it and never get too dirty building a fire outside the house just to grill.
if your curious what im talking about click the link brinkman grill and purchase the grill that you want...

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