Friday, January 4, 2008

so today..

SO like ive told you before, My project for this year is to make some pillow cases and pillows too since my inlaws gave me the sewing machine that ive always wanted to purchase and owned, plus it comes with a giftcard too for me to buy some fabrics and some things that ive needed for me to start sewing, so we headed to joanns fabric the other day and buy some fabrics and the necessary things that ive needed to get it started.

Hubby helped out with the selection of the fabrics that we wanted to have in our bedrooms and like usual he made a perfect choice again. for now i can just show you the photos of the two pillows and pillow cases that ive made yesterday using my powerful tool more photos coming along the standby for that.

Anyways, my day is great today, hubby and i helped out babysitting Jake D.hubbys nephew. after that, we stopped by at WHITS for us to get some ice cream too bad it is closed, so we headed to victorias parlour to satisfy our craving for ICE CREAM. ive got mint chocolate and hubby got black cherry ice cream still good though but nothing beats with our favorite ice cream place "WHITS".

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  1. uy! ka nice sa imong project oi! i like making stuff like that someday too! cguro pagnaa na c mama patudlo ko gamit sa sewing machine,hehehe!