Monday, January 7, 2008

bday girl elena (01-05-08)

The birthday girl (elena)

the whole gang
let me tell you about the bday girl, i meet her through my friend edith who happens to be invited by elena to joined a filipina get together at thier house in heath and then edith called me if im interested to accompany her at the get together well what you expect? i did go and i meet alot of filipinas and they became my friends not just acquintances.
elena is one of my treasured friends too, we teased her to run for a congresswoman, since she knows almost every filipina in town. ask her and she knows almost all of them, one thing for sure, i loved her and i thank GOD for giving me special friends in my life.
thanks elena and surely GOD will richly blessed you with a blessings that GOD alone can offer.

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  1. uy happy bday to elena! i've known her thru my friend in Heath and she was in my baby shower thrown by ate jeanelyn (kay jessica pa ko buntis atu)hehehe! na invite ko xa one time in jessica's baptismal tapos nwala na among communication since nakabarkada nko nganhi and layu2 pod xa sa amo...i'm glad to see her once again sa party at ur in-law's chelle! mga familiar faces ang naa sa right photo ah!Hehehehe!