Friday, January 25, 2008

Live for nothing Die for something (from the movie RAMBO)

When I was growing up in the Philippines my family once rented a movie with Sylvester Stalone called Rambo First Blood, we liked it so much we rented Rambo Second Blood. I know what your thinking, thats entertainment with a lot of blood. Its true it was more of a movie just for my Papa to watch, but all my family watched the Rambo movies together so its one of those childhood memory things. Today the new RAMBO movie came out in theatres and I had told my hubby a few weeks ago I wanted to see it. So we made a day of it, we had some Tim Horton donuts, then attended the noon showing of RAMBO on opening day. The movie was the best, hubby is suprised I think that, because he thinks its one of the bloodiest movies he has seen, so he liked it. But I mean the storyline was really inspiring to me. John Rambo is living a very simple life in Thailand. Then a missionary group approaches him to get a boat ride up river into civil-war-torn Burma seeking to help the people there. The boat ride and dangerous trip to Burma was like a "journey of faith" in my mind. I ask myself if God called me to a mission like that would I go? Things go bad for the missionaries and Rambo saves them of course. All I can say, if you can stomach the very heavy violence then this RAMBO movie will push you to ask a lot of big but good questions of yourself. I thank my hubby for taking me to this movie because it reminded me of good moments with my family back in the Philippines and gave me better perspective for my daily life now. Thank God for real life John Rambo's who fight to make this world free.

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  1. Interesting anylasis ... I too remember the first time I saw Rambo, and the effect that it had on me.