Monday, January 7, 2008

lets cover that

My husband works with a lot of reports at his workplace. Many of those reports end up being more the size of novels than anything else. In his spare time he loves to read history books and just recently i bought him a book called "RELIGIONS OF THE FOUNDERS" plus Glen Beck "INCONVENIENT BOOK" i bought that Glen Beck book for my own benefit too, since im hooked up with his show. back to hubby, whether he is at work or at home he is surrounded by items that need quality binding, you dont have any idea how many books he owned, since his passion is reading, (i actually put his old books in big boxes and try to put them away for now, since we dont have alot of space in the apartment right now). Well like ive told you hes doing alot of reports with the company he's working right now, If those reports do not come together to look professional grade or a book is not well bound, that causes problems. And call me crazy but I don't think its just me thats surrounded by things in life that need to be bound together for instance my never "touched yet" scrapbooking materials that im desperately wanting to start, but then im soo caught up with the things in life that need to be dealt with first.well if you are like me and wants to get things well organized may it be books, or like my hubby's reports and my scrapbookings. look no further than coverbind corporation Coverbind Corporation is a company that knows how to put things together the way they should be. if your curious about it then click the link scrapbook supplies.

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  1. Yes the system by Coverbind is nice however I prefer the unit from Binding Systems of America. It seems to be a better value. They offer a large selection of covers and are very flexible when looking for special sizes or custom designs.