Monday, January 21, 2008


GOD has put this desire in my heart to long for more of him, to hunger for more of him,ive been praying that i could plugged in to a ministry at church that enables me to help out with those people that need Jesus, those desires keep me in tuned with my GOD, and those desire keep me on my knees to pray more and more.
It was a fine night when hubby got a call from terry houghton,if we could be one of the leaders of C.R.Y(celebrate recovery youth) she asked us to pray about it, and ask GOD for the answer,she told us, that while she was praying about the ministry, and asking GOD to give her the wisdom to know who will be the right persons to be added in the Team. and our names came straight to her mind Jacob and Michelle Brooks, so she called us and told us about it, so we were like, ok! well pray about it! after joining the THE CALL in cincinnati, i found myself leading those kids to the feet of my lord Jesus Christ, and this is the answer of what ive been praying for.
i am so delighted of what my GOD is doing in my life right now, being able to share JESUS with the youth is such a joy to know that my GOD has been glorified.
NOW here's the peak of what the ministry looks like. click the picture to know more about it and to read some of the testimonies:

8 Principles...12 Steps...Lasting Change
Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered 12 step recovery program for any kind of hurts, habits and hang-ups including (but not limited to) the following:




Or anything else that keeps you from experiencing peace of mind and a close relationship with God
At Celebrate Recovery you’ll find a SAFE PLACE to be real and you’ll hear God’s truth as it applies to these areas of your life. You’ll also find friends that understand your struggle and who won’t judge or condemn you! You'll find the encouragement you need to make a new beginning in life and learn and grow in a whole new direction.
Celebrate Recovery
meets in Room 209
(For easy access please drive to our rear parking lot and enter under the green covered walkway. Go up the stairs to Celebrate Recovery)
Celebrate Recovery is open to anyone who desires to begin their journey on the Road to Recovery at any time!
Join us Tuesdays at 7 pm and you will find others who will walk with you on the Road to Recovery
Celebrate Recovery is a safe place because we respect your desire for confidentiality. One of our favorite sayings is "Who we see here and what we hear here stays here."

For more information please contact Spring Hills Baptist Church at 740-587-1200 and ask for Pastor Jeff Houghton or you can email Pastor Jeff at

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  1. wow! that's nice Chelle! so ,that's at cincinnati every tuesday? did i read it right? goodluck to you guys! and btw, i have a tag for you girl!